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We have been making impact globally – providing not only services at our Yoga Studios in Macau but also in New Zealand and Europe. This would not be possible without our highly qualified team members

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We are a team of Yoga and Wellness experts – all trained and professional. With years of experience and extensive training, we can provide personalised services that helps you thrive.

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Renu is an Ayurvedic Doctor with specialization in Yoga. She is versatile in practical application of yoga postures as per client's requirements, she has extensive experience in therapeutic application of yoga and fusion of traditional and modern yogic systems. Since she has in depth knowledge of Body anatomy and physiology which she applies in her yoga teachings to provide yoga practitioners with sure results without any injuries.

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Ashish is a Holistic Wellness professional from India with University certifications and more than 20 years experience in healing sciences of Traditional Indian Yoga, Nutrition & Dietetics, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Acupuncture & Acupressure. Having work experiences in various international hotel chains like Four Seasons, Westin, Mandarin Oriental etc. He is passionate to spread authentic knowledge of Yoga and to make every yoga practitioner experience the true benefits of Traditional Yoga.

Passionate about Yoga and spritual well being!!!


Nidhi is a professional Yoga Instructor from India with intensive yoga training and experience. She not only holds various yoga teachers training certificates from various Indian institutions but also holds Master degrees in physiotherapy from the United Kingdom. Being from the medical profession of physiotherapy she has in depth knowledge and capability of combining her knowledge of physiotherapy with yoga.

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